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Teams Ideas for Investment is a solution that was developed to ensure the alignment of management processes with Capex Management’s best practices.

Teams Ideas establishes governance that ensures that only projects with an adequate level of structuring are prioritized in the portfolio, giving the process of selecting and prioritizing investments, transparency, objectivity, and standardization.

Teams Ideas™ for

CAPEX Management

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Capex Strategic Alignment

Ensure Capex Management is aligned with your corporate strategy by establishing clear objectives and comparable investment prioritization criteria, enabling alignment with strategic objectives, transparent decision making, and adherence to financial metrics.

Share Intelligence

Involve technical experts throughout the process to ensure that you have the knowledge you need through every step of the decision-making process.

Capital Allocation

Allocate your Capex by individual projects and have greater control over costs and variances throughout the project life cycle. Gain financial insights into the evolution and clarity of impacts on the decision to prioritize or discontinue projects.

Structure Project Management

Establish well-defined processes and workflows for project management, from proposition to closure, with complexity-adaptive management methodologies and visibility across the organization. Get all project management support by the integrated solutions that provide unified views of physical and financial progress.

Have Proactive Insight

Get insight into each Capex project execution on a cohesive and interactive dashboard. Track risks, physical and financial developments, resource allocation, and project health so that you can make proactive decisions when needed.


Teams Ideas™ is integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Fully enjoy these resources and potentialize the management of your investment portfolio.

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Teams Ideas™ by Prosperi

Teams Ideas™ is a solution developed by Prosperi, a company dedicated to helping organizations to improve people's lives through innovation and collaborative management solutions.

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